As soon as it was announced to organize the Vietnam Robot Innovation Contest 2023 (Robocon 2023), the Administrators of Hanoi University of Civil Engineering (HUCE) issued Decision No. 429/QD-ĐHXDHN on the establishment of a team to participate in the Contest. There are 3 teams to attend the contest including H1-AEC, H2-AEC, and H3-AEC. Team members are mainly students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Information Technology. The prep plan for the contest was assigned to the Science and Technology Department, Youth Union and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

 H2-AEC and H3-AEC were 2 teams from HUCE excellently qualified to enter the final round held in Nam Dinh. 

Teams participating in the Robocon Finals 2023 in Nam Dinh

The H3-AEC team was beaten in group stages matches taking place from May 20 to May 28 while the H2-AEC team (regarded as the dark horse of the tournament) excellently defeated other strong competitors to reach the Quarterfinals on August 1st, the final day of the 2023 Robocon contest.

Despite huge efforts, our H2-AEC team lost out in the quarter-final match against such a strong team DCN-DT02 (Hanoi University of Industry) which then won the championship and represented Vietnam in the Robocon World Championship 2023 in Cambodia. The Organizing Committee awarded the “Great Idea Award” to our team H2-AEC for recognition of the team’s efforts and achievements. The Great Idea Award is an award given to the team that introduces good ideas, and ideas that come from breakthrough and innovative technological solutions to help the Robot operate more smoothly and better on the stage. In addition, the ideas also come from the work of changing and improving the robots during the competition to make the robot more efficient.

Pictures of the H2-AEC team and their opponents in the Quarterfinals

Congratulations to the team members of the Robocon 2023 from Hanoi University of Civil Engineering. Hopefully, the results of the contest will be a stepping stone for you to be more and more successful in your studies and life.

Some other pictures of Robocon 2023 Hanoi University of Civil Engineering at the tournament

The two Robocon teams of HUCE participated in the Opening Ceremony of the Robocon Final Round 2023

Dang Duoc - HUCE