Objectives and training orientation

Training Objectives

Overall objective: The training program of University of Construction offers students the best training environment for their formation and development of personality, ethics, knowledge and basic skills to achieve success in the profession of basic construction field to meet the needs of society.

Specific objectives: Graduates from the curriculum of University of Construction meet the following requirements:

(1) Knowledge Requirements

  • Knowledge of Political Theory, Social Sciences and Humanities, knowledge of the Laws of Vietnam, understanding of Security and Defense. Knowledge and ability to physically exercise.
  • Basic knowledge of mathematics, natural sciences and technical basis in line with the sector being trained to meet the acquirement of specialized knowledge.
  • Profound knowledge in the field of design and construction including: Architectural Design; Structural construction; Design technology and organization of construction works; Economic analysis; Manage, organize and direct the construction and manage the exploitation of construction projects.
  • Competence of foreign languages ​​to meet the needs of the employment and learning in post-graduate level in all sectors of the construction field.

(2) Skills Requirements

   + Hard Skills

  • Have independent and self-control skills in solving problems which under professional fields;
  • Have the ability to analyze, synthesize and apply the knowledge which have accumulated in the course to practice into reality;
  • Have creative skills in handling situations and problems which under basic construction as required.

    + Soft skills:

  • Have the ability to communicate, presentation, discussion, team work;
  • Have ability to use languages, computer in research of professional fields.

(3) Requirements about attitude:

  • Have quality, personal ethics, professional awareness, fully citizen responsibilities;
  • Have industrial working style, cooperation, friendly serving for community;
  • Aware of updating knowledge, creativity in work.

(4) Working abilities of graduate people:

  • Engineers, architect for design and construct the constructions; Management of Investment Construction project.
  • Science and technology researcher of research institues; Lecturer at training facilities..

(5) Learning ability, improve after graduation:

  • Have basic knowledge, specialized knowledge to adapt with fluctuated market.
  • Have inter-knowledge to easily rise to higher education and change career.

Orientation training

In order to meet the domestic labor market as well as other countries in the region, the National University of Civil Engineering oriented to train engineers, architects who have foreign language skills and professional qualifications to meet labor demand in the future. The University continued to innovate the program in order to approach CDIO and train students after graduate, developing with “hard skills” and “soft skills” which quickly adapt to working environment and actively create ideas in order to implement the professional work.