Overview of development history

Mr. Nguyen Sanh Dan and Mr. Pham Ngoc Dang were discussing the plan to move the University from Huong Canh, Vinh Phuc to Hanoi in 1982.

The Hanoi University of Civil Engineering was established in 1966 in Hanoi by the Government Council. Its predecessor wasthe Construction Faculty which had been managed for 10 years by Hanoi University of Science and Technology. 

Established in the war time, the University had to move from Hanoi Capital to evacuate to different localities in Ha Bac, Vinh Phu, etc. In late 1983, the University returned to Hanoi. Now it operates under the Ministry of Education and Training with its main campus in No. 55, Giai Phong Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi.

Over 65 years of training, 55 years of establishment and development, each step taken by the Hanoi University of Civil Engineering has been closely linked with the development of the industry, the Capital and the country. 

We have strived to become a multi-disciplinary training university offering educational opportunities from graduate to PhD levels as well as to be one of the leading centers in researching and applying scientific and technological advancements in the field of construction. Until now, the University has educated over 60,000 engineers and architects with more than 5,000 masters and doctors. Different generations of the University’s lecturers and students have been working throughout the country, contributing to the national defense and development.
With all this considerable efforts, the Hanoi University of Civil Engineering has been granted many distinguished rewards. In 2016, on its 50th anniversary, the Hanoi University of Civil Engineeringwas awarded the First-class Independence Order for the second time.

Educational programs, Organization and Staff

Currently, the university is offering training courses in 57 majors/minors at undergraduate level, 22 majors/ minors at master's level and 14 majors/ minors at Ph.D. level. The training scale of undergraduate and postgraduate levels are over 20,000 students. 

The organizational structure of the university consists of: 

+ University’s Council; Board of Directors; 

+ Science and Academic Council; 

+ 13 academic training faculties;

+ 01 High Quality Engineer Education and Management Department (PFIEV); 

+ Library; 

+ 55 departments; 

+ 30 laboratories and workshops; 

+ 18 functional units; 

+ 01 international center for cooperation and educational consultancy, and 16 institutes of scientific research, development and technological transfer.
The university has a staff of 1026 persons, of which the number of teaching staff is 763 (74,37%), administrative staff is 169 (16,47%), experiment instructors is 46 (4,48%), and other personnel contracted under Decree 68/ND-CP is 48 (4,68%). Among the University’s teaching staff, there are 20 professors, 99 associate professors, 311 senior and principal lecturers.

Policies of Innovation
Well aware of the University’s missions of “contributingto the national industrialization, modernization and international integration through the pursuit of education for high-qualifiedhuman resources, scientific research and advanced technology transfer in the field of construction”, the National University of Civil Engineering has fulfilled the policies of fundamental and comprehensive innovation in Education and Training, as followed:.
+ renewing study programs and syllabus; 
+ evaluating and giving quality assurance to the University’s operations; 
+ enhancing studying and teaching facilities, laboratories and library; 
+ adjusting the University’s administration mechanism and model, 
+ standardizing administrative procedures towards actively participating in the process of university autonomy and international integration.
With the fine traditions built up and the achievements gained in the past 65 years of training and 55 years of establishment and development, it is certain that the entire staff of the Hanoi University of Civil Engineering will make further efforts to maintain our position of a leading university in the field of construction with a modern environment, creativity and development.

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