Office of Political and Student Management


The CTCT & QLSV department has the function of informingand assisting the Principal in the work of propaganda, political and ideological education for cadres, officials and students; student management (including students of formal systems, diploma II, interconnection) in the University.


  1. Formulate and submit to the Principal for approval programs and plans for propaganda, political and ideological education for cadres, officials and students; Student management plan.
  2. Formulate and submit to the Principal for promulgation regulations on concretization of student management regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training applicable in the School.
  3. Organize the implementation of activities of propaganda, political and ideological education; organize party resolution classes, foster and political activities for cadres, officials and students.
  4. Directly print, issue and manage regular university student cards; management of voluntary body insurance services, card making and bank card issuance services, other cards related to regular university students.
  5. Manage the types of clubs, cultural activities, arts, sports of students.
  6. As a focal point of relationship with the mass media, with the security authorities, with external authorities and with the parents of students solving problems related to learners.
  7. To be the permanent member of the Student Reward and Discipline Council; The student training assessment board belongs to the Management Department. Be a member of the Admissions Council, take exams and consider the recognition of regular university graduation.
  8. Coordinate with functional units to receive successful students, organize the opening of lectures for regular, interconnection and diploma II systems; check, review and establish student records as prescribed.
  9. To coordinate with the Legal Inspection Department and the Training Department in organizing the inspection, supervision and promotion of the implementation of training regulations and other regulations of the University for students.
  10. Confirm the papers for students of the Management Department.
  11. Preside over the grant of scholarships to encourage learning as prescribed; receiving comments on social policy subsidies for students; to settle the exemption and reduction of tuition fees for students as prescribed.
  12. It is a permanent student scholarship fund. As a focal point for receiving and proposing the plan to distribute scholarship funding to students of domestic and foreign organizations and individuals. Support procedures for students to borrow bank loans.
  13. As a focal time for evaluating the results of moral, political and ideological training according to the semester, academic year and end of the course as a basis for the implementation of the scholarship regime, considering graduation status for students.
  14. As the focal point for individual and collective rewards, high-achieving students in learning and training, disciplining students in violation of the regulations and regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and the University. move, move to, leave school temporarily, continue studying, quit, discipline students of regular systems and other training systems with formal degrees.
  15. As the focal point for managing the address of residence and temporary residence of outpatient students. Grasp the situation of eating, staying, life and activities of students through the periodic reporting regime of units with student management for outpatients and of the Dormitory Management Board for boarding students. Coordinate with the Dormitory Management Board to periodically check the observation of the student's boarding regulations.
  16. Professional guidance and guidance on student management for units.
  17. Coordinate the organization of good student exams, Olimpic exams, other competitions related to politics and culture.
  18. Hold a dialogue conference with students. To settle or propose the University to resolve questions and complaints of students about the assessment of training scores, regimes and policies for students.
  19. To preside over and coordinate with organizations inside and outside the University to organize job fairs, career-oriented organizations and job introductions, supporting extra-course activities for students.
  20. Storing documents and documents for propaganda and education of political and ideological education; management of student records as prescribed.
  21. As a comprehensive management base level of the Department and a focal point representing individuals of the Department of Relations with the School and its organizations. Proposing the needs and coordinating with the functional unit to participate in the process of recruiting officials and contract workers of the Department in accordance with the regulations of the School.
  22. Effective management and use of labor and assets assigned to serve the work of the Department.
  23. The Head of The Department of Political Affairs and Student Management is allowed to acknowledge the Principal's order to sign and seal the University within the scope of the assigned work. The Deputy Head of the Department shall be signed to the Principal the documents authorized by the Head of the Department.
  24. Perform other tasks assigned by the Principal.

Organizational structure

  • Head of Department: Ms. Bui Quang Trung
  • Deputy Director: Ms. Pham Thi Thuy Huong
  • Specialists: Pham Minh Chau, Nguyen Thi Hong Fresh, Mai Thi Thuy, Tran Thi Tram, Nguyen Hong Khanh

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