Academy of Port and Marine Engineering


  • Vietnamese name: Institute of Ports - Marine Engineering
  • Institute of Port Maritime - Technique (INPOMAT)

The Institute of Ports and Maritime Engineering under the University of Construction is a science and technology enterprise, established on March 4, 2008 in the spirit of the Government's Decree No. 115/2005/ND-CP dated September 5, 2005 on the mechanism of autonomy, self-responsibility and according to the Government's Decree No. 80/2007/ND-CP dated May 19, 2007 on Science and Technology Enterprises.


  • Business Registration Certificate No. 0109000025-KHCN - Science and Technology Enterprise.
  • Certificate of Science and Technology Registration No. 203/DK-KH&CN.

Functions, tasks

  • Training and scientific research; technology transfer; production - business.
  • The Institute is a gathering place for leading officials in the field of Ports - Waterways - Continental Shelf and Maritime Engineering, where students, graduate students, phD students can practice and collaborate.
  • The Institute is a bridge between training, scientific research and technology transfer applied in practice, research and production and business of computer products for the industry.

Field of operations

Organizational structure