Hanoi University of Civil Engineering (HUCE) possesses a team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated personnel, thus ensuring the efficient implementation of the university’s missions. As of June 2022, the staff of HUCE includes 1026 persons, of which the number of teaching staff is 763 (74,37%), administrative staff is 169 (16,47%), experiment instructors is 46 (4,48%), and other personnel contracted under Decree 68/ND-CP is 48 (4,68%). The university’s teaching staff are leading teachers and scientists, who are engaged in teaching 57 majors/minors at the undergraduate level, 22 majors/minors at the master level, and 14 majors at the doctorate level, including:

  • People’s Teacher: 09
  • Excellent Teacher: 67
  • Professor: 20 (2,62%)
  • Associate Professor: 99 (12,98%)
  • Senior Lecturer and Principal Lecturer: 311 (40,76%)
  • Doctor of Science and Doctor of Philosophy: 319 (41,81%)
  • Master: 435 (57,01%)

Training and fostering staff and lecturers are tasks particularly valued by the university. Therefore HUCE’s human resource has been growing rapidly in both quality and quantity.