First - class Independence Order


Ho Chi Minh Order


First - class Independence Order


Second - class Independence Order


Third - class Independence Order


First - class Labor Order


Second class Labor Order


Third - class Labor Order


Third - class Feat Order



54 Labor Order (first class, second class, third class) and hundreds of certificates of merits have been granted by the Government, Ministries, Provinces and Cities to organizations and individuals of the University.
• 500 medals and orders for anti-American Resistance, over 600 medals for the Cause of Education have been granted to the University’s staff.
• Department of Highway and Urban Roads has been granted the title Heroic Unit by the State.
• The University’s Party Unit has been recognized as a strong unit for many years and granted the flags for strong unit by Hanoi Party Committee four times. In 2015, the National University of Civil Engineering was among 5 universities and colleges under Hanoi University Party Bloc to be granted the Certificate of Merit for a typical unblemished and strong party unit for 5 consecutive years from 2010 to 2014.
• The University’s Trade Union has been granted two Orders of Labor, second and third class, and four excellent emulation flags by Vietnam General Confederation of Labour, Hanoi Labor Union and Education Trade Union.
• The University’s Hochiminh Communist Youth Union has been granted many certificates of merit by the Central Committee of Hochiminh Communist Youth Union and Hanoi Communist Youth Union.