Science and Technology

Exhibition "Digital transformation and innovation in Hanoi in 2022"

With over 65 years of training, and 55 years of establishment and development, Hanoi University of Civil Engineering (HUCE) has become a leading university in the field of construction, and a center for research and application of advanced technologies. HUCE has a strong reputation in Vietnam, and has partnerships with many universities, research institutions, as well as domestic and international organizations.

From the 2015-2016 academic year, the university began to comply with the Decree No. 99/2014/ND-CP dated October 25, 2014 of the Prime Minister regulating the investment in developing potentials and encouraging activities in science and technology in higher education institutions. Our policy focuses on a number of points as follows:

  • Developing science and technology human resources in the university. Making scientific research and technological development a mandatory task for lecturers;
  • Forming multidisciplinary research groups and promoting the advantages of multidisciplinary schools in the field of construction. Actively developing key and multidisciplinary research proposals, demonstrating the university’s spearheads in science and technology to participate in national programmes and projects;
  • Searching for possibilities to increase investment in infrastructure for laboratories and libraries with funds from the state and from the university;
  • Continuing to promote scientific research and technology transfer to localities, cooperate in scientific research with the Ministry of Construction, Hanoi City, and ministries; promote international cooperation in scientific research and technology transfer, coordinate with international universities to propose joint research projects;
  • Strengthening cooperation between research institutions and the industries in construction, as well as the enterprises in technology transfer.