Training sectors

University of Construction organizes the training for the Working while Studying System with 24 sectors/ majors including almost all basic construction sectors to maximally meet the practical demands of the society.

Sector/ Major

Department in charge

1. Construction work Engineering


  • Civil and Industrial Construction

Civil and Industrial Construction Department

  • Engineering System in construction

Environment Engineering Department

  • Ports and Waterway Construction

Hidraulic Construction Department

  • Irrigation and Hydropower Construction

Hidraulic Construction Department

  • Construction Informatics

Civil and Industrial Construction Informatics

Information and Technology Department

Bridge construction Informatics

Road construction Informatics

2. Transportation Construction Engineering

Roads and Bridges Department

  • Roads and Bridges Construction Major

3. Water Supply and Drainage

Environmental Engineering Department

4. Economic construction

Construction Economy and Management Department

5. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Construction Department

  • Constructional machinery
  • Machine-based Construction

6. Constructional Material Engineering Technology

Constructional Material Department

7. Environment Engineering Technology

Environment Engineering Technology Department

8. Construction Management

Construction Economy and Management Department

  • Urban Economy and Management
  • Real-estate Economy and Management

9. Information Technology

9. Ngành Công nghệ thông tin

Information Technology Department

  • Software Technology
  • Network and system

10. Region and urban Planning

Architecture and Planning Department

11. Architecture

Architecture and Planning Department

12. Marine construction Engineering

Marine, Oil and Gas Construction Department

  • Marine, Oil and Gas Construction
  • Coastal Construction

13. Geodetic and Mapping Engineering

Roads and Bridges Department

  • Geodetic Construction - Cadastre