Second diploma training

1. Foundation

  • Decision No.22/2001/QD-BGD&DT on 26/6/2001 of Minister of Ministry of Education and Training about training for issuing the graduation degree of second regular system.
  • Decision No.267/2002/QD-DTXDon 10/6/2002 of Principle of the National University of Civil Engineering on training for issuing the graduation degree of second regular system.

2. Enrollment tasks

2.1. Enrollment scale: 300 students

2.2. Sectors and major training list


Sectors and majors training



Civil Engineering, including majors:


- Building and Industrial Construction  

- In-door Engineering Systems  

- Port and Waterway Engineering  

- Water Resources and Hydro-Power Engineering  

-Applied Informatics for Civil Engineering 


Transportation Engineering (major: Bridge and Road Engineering)



Water Supply and Sanitation



Environmental Engineering Technology (major: Environmental Management and Technology)



Marine Engineering (major: Coastal Engineering, Offshore-Petroleum Engineering)



Building Materials Engineering Technology



Information Technology



Mechanical Engineering, including majors:


- Construction machinery  

- Construction Mechanization  


Goedesy and Map Enginerring (major: Construction goedesy – cadastral Engineering)



Construction Economics



Construction Management, including majors:


- Economic and Urban Management  

-Economic and Real Estate Management 


2. 3. Enrollment candidates

  • Vietnamese citizens have enough health to study under the provisions, not in the appealed time or prosecuted for criminal liability.
  • Exemption from exam: students who had the regular diploma of the National University of Civil Engineering and applied to another regular sector (except Architecture, Urban and Regional planning)
  • Candidates of the exam: students who had regular diploma with the input enrollment are A and A1 of Natural Science, Engineering, Technology and Economics sectors.

If the students graduated from the non-public University, the diploma must be at Good degree or more. The abroad graduation diploma must has the procedures for recognition of Ministry of Education and Training.

2.4. Exam format: 2 tests

  • Advanced Mathematics: in essay
  • English: quiz test.

The University will notify enrollment plan, exam content, exam registration, etc, no later than 03 months before the enrollment time on University’s website.

3. Training program and learning forms:

- Second diploma training program with each sector and major is the regular training program at the University.

- Based on the program and learning results of the first diploma, the University will determine the free subjects and the subjects which must additional study in order to have enough knowledges of the second diploma.

- Students study at University will aplly subjects in credits with two learning forms: joint learning and separated learning.

  • Organize the class with minimum of 20 students per class. Learning time will be regulated by the Department of major
  • Joint learning is the study of regular training program at University. 

4. Management, reward and discipline

  • The student in second diploma must be managed about local personnel where they live and their office as well.
  • The student in second diploma must be managed directly of Department which has fully rules and regulation of learning.
  • Students with achievements in learning and University activities will be rewarded.
  • Students who vioaltes the rules on the training, depending on the severity will be punished with the current provisions.

Training Department cooperates with Office of Students Affairs and other management sector offices in the enrollment in order to implement the learning plan, mark management and training dossiers during the time when student stayed and graduated from University.

5. Tuition and Fees

5.1. Exam and enrollment fee: will be paid in the current provisions of enrollment.

5.2. Fee:

- Fee of each student is determined as credits that student applied to study. In each term, student must pay the fee with the applied credits of that term           

- Fee of tours and off-campus internship (if any) will be calculated separately and depend on specific fees of each activity           

6. Issue graduation degree 

Regular university diploma