Short-term training

Short-term professional fostering classes

In 2001, the University has established and developed the continuous training system by the order of the Ministry of Construction. Sector leading professors and experienced experts were mobilized to set up 24 majors in Construction - Architecture Planning and Management field.

In June 2005, the Ministry of Construction issued a decision to recognize that University of Construction was a qualified establishment and had sufficient conditions in professional training of construction supervision in 3 areas: Civil - Industrial and Infrastructural Construction Works; Transportation; and Irrigation - Hydropower. University of Construction is the highest evaluated establishment by students, especially for their training program. University's personnel created an attractive and systematic training program that satisfies the various sides of capability of the construction business. Today, continuous training classes are opened as follows:

  • Construction Supervision Professional training: Civil, industrial and infrastructural construction; Transportation; Irrigation and hydropower;
  • Project management and construction investment Professional training;
  • Construction Bidding Professional training;
  • Brokerage, Valuation, Management and Administration of the Real Estate Trading Floor Professional training;
  • Training and fostering specialization knowledge and professional management of apartment operation.

With the implementation of the above Decision, from June 2005 till today, the University has successfully trained and certified more than 20,000 students in Departments of Construction, Corporations and local regions. Geographically, classes are opened widely in many provinces such as Hanoi, Hai Phong, Nam Dinh, Thanh Hoa, Quang Ninh, Hai Duong, Vietnam Tri, Vinh Yen, Yen Bai, Hoa Binh, Dien Bien, Quang Binh, Nha Trang, Tuy Hoa, Binh Dinh, Ho Chi Minh City, etc.

Professional skills training for newly graduated Engineers

The implementation of the resolutions of the Party and University's managing board regarding the training must be related to realistic production and social demands. The objective of this program is to help newly graduated or inexperienced engineers be able to integrate immediately into the actual production of construction field such as Design, Verification, Project management, Bidding, Building and Construction supervision, while simultaneously to help construction businesses not lose too much effort and time to train new engineers.

To set up training classes for "advanced engineers", University of Construction will collaborate with realistically experienced engineers from leading institutions in the field of basic construction such as Coteccons Group, Shimizu Corporation, Technology, Consultant and Inspection Joint Stock Company of Construction Technology and Equipment , Consultant of University of Construction Ltd., Civil Engineering Construction Corporation 4, etc. Each course will be set within 3 months with advanced practical special subjects on a specific sector; the first course will be in the field of construction. Engineers after completing the course will have enough knowledge and experience to undertake the tasks on the construction site with the functions of technicians, quality and volume control engineers and safety engineers.

With serious teaching and evaluation at the end of the course directly from the manufacturers and employers, there is a very high chance of getting a job with a reasonable salary for the students.

Procedures for the application of short-term training classes

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