Farewell ceremony and Award for C63 students with excellent academic performance program

In order to encourage C63 students to successfully complete the training program, defend their graduation project and encourage students of the following courses to sustain their efforts in the process of studying and researching, the Board of Management and Training of High-Quality Engineers (HQE Board) held a farewell ceremony and Award for C63 students with excellent academic performance at Hall 14.H2 - Hanoi University of Civil Engineering on June 23, 2023.

Overview of C63 farewell ceremony

Attending the program, on the side of the guests were: Mr. Le Dang Khoa - Director of Pontech JSC, in charge of the transport infrastructure field, C44 HQE Alumni; Mr. Tran Van Hinh - Director of Pontech France, in charge of civil and industrial sectors, Alumni of C47HQE; Mr. Nguyen Binh Duong - Director of VIFATEC International Joint Stock Company, Deputy Director of PFIEV Alumni Relations Department, C50HQE Alumni.

On the side of NUCE, there were Dr. Tong Ngoc Tu - Head of Management Board and Training High Quality Engineers PFIEV; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Binh Ha - Head of Training Management Department; MSc. Pham Thi My Lan - Deputy Head of Communications and Admissions Department; Head teachers, teachers of PFIEV, students of Course 63 and students of the following courses of HQE Committee .

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, Dr. Tong Ngoc Tu summarized graduation results of obligatory course of C63. C63HQE students have achieved high performance during obligatory course in the schoolyear of 2023 with impressive numbers: among those who are considered to graduate this time, 86% are classified as Good and Excellent, 86% of students was awarded with PFIEV HQE degrees. The graduation projects defense presented at the French - Vietnamese council were all marked from Good to Very good and received high appreciation from experts from French partner schools.

Dr. Tong Ngoc Tu - Head of the HQE Committee summed up the graduation of C63

At the ceremony, the students had chance to review the 5-year learning journey of C63, from the beginning of admission and registration to the HQE Board with unforgettable impressions and memories, which will definitely imprint on them for good.

In recognition of the results of the students who successfully completed the defense of their excellent graduation projects, the HQE Committee rewarded the valedictorian and awarded to the excellent graduation projects of 04 majors in the academic year 2022-2023. Rewards are deducted from the PFIEV Scholarship Fund and sponsored by Pontech businesses.

Rewarding the valedictorian of the majors and awarding excellent graduation projects for the academic year 2022-2023

At the event, C63 students thanked and gave gratitude flowers to the lecturers in the HQE Committee as well as the lecturers who have taught them during the past 5 years with huge gratitude and respect.

During the past 24 years of PFIEV-HUCE, there have been significant contributions from businesses and alumni accompanying the program. The successful generations of PFIEV Alumni have always focused on the activities for students in the following courses. On the occasion of the ceremony, alumni and business representatives presented the PFIEV Scholarship and Activities Fund with meaningful and practical gifts. Graduates and current students also have the opportunity to access recruitment information of large enterprises in the field of construction in cooperation with the HQE Board.

Accompanying business representatives and alumni presented the PFIEV Scholarship and Activities

The program ended showing close connection between HUCE and businesses in terms of training activities, the connection between students and alumni, affirming the spirit of solidarity for a sustainable development of PFIEV. Wishing all students every success in life and career.

C63 collective, students, teachers and guests take commemorative photos during the Farewell Ceremony

Some more pictures of the ceremony:

Music performance by PFIEV students themselves congratulating and saying goodbye to C63 graduates

The representative of C63 graduates expressed their gratitude to the teachers

C63 graduates gave flowers and showed gratitude to the teachers of the HQE Department

PFIEV alumni gave gifts to excellent graduates

Dr. Tong Ngoc Tu - Head of HQE  Department awarded certificates and souvenirs to Alumni enterprises

Pontech business representative shared working opportunities with students at the ceremony