On the morning of December 10, 2022, at Hanoi Museum, Hanoi Department of Science and Technology launched the exhibition "Hanoi Digital Transformation and Innovation in 2022". This is the first major event in the Hanoi Science and Technology Market Development Program to 2030. Hanoi University of Science and Technology, with the strength of a university in the top of technical universities, has introduced a number of S&T products at the exhibition, and the products that were applied, transferred and put into practice.

Pic 1 Delegates perform the opening ceremony of the exhibition "Digital transformation and innovation in Hanoi in 2022"

HUCE presented at the exhibition "Digital transformation and innovation in Hanoi in 2022" with virtual reality (VR) products and BIM application in construction. The exhibition booth of Hanoi National University of Civil Engineering has drawn special attention from leaders of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Science and Technology of Hanoi, businesses as well as press agencies who came to learn and visit.

The product Virtual Reality (VR) allows Civil engineers to preview the construction product model, interact with the model, thereby offering optimal solutions before reaching the final stage of completing the project. In addition, the system also allows to check and review the design parameters of the components after the construction project has been completed and put into use.

HUCE is not only one of the active units in promoting the official application of BIM in Vietnam but also a leading unit in consulting on BIM application in real projects. Instead of traditional 2D modeling, the project applies BIM that integrates geometric data combined with non-geometric data in an intelligent, timely updated 3D model. Design, construction and operation activities can be conducted on a virtual building before deploying to a real building to avoid risks and improve efficiency throughout the project life-cycle.

Pic 2-4 The delegates visited the exhibition booths and listened to the introduction of the products of the Hanoi University of Civil Engineering at the exhibition.

Along with the exhibition and product display activities, there were also 2 seminars with many practical topics, associated with the needs of people, businesses and government agencies. This is also an opportunity to collect feedback, evaluate the process of digital transformation and innovation, thereby proposing and recommending the legal corridor, mechanisms and policies of management agencies in this particular area.

Pic 5 Hanoi Radio and Television Station reported on the exhibition products of Hanoi University of Civil Engineering

With the goal of attracting attention and raising awareness of the field of digital transformation, digital transformation technology platform to agencies, units, scientists, universities, research institutes, business community as well as people in Hanoi city. At the same time, it is contributed to support market development, and businesses, intellectuals, and research institutions attending forums have opportunities to meet, connect, access technology and solutions in the process of digital transformation and innovation. The exhibition "Digital transformation and innovation in Hanoi in 2022" and the side seminars are a series of practical activities to promote the development of science and technology market, digital transformation, and innovation in the city.